Now: Fall Sep 2019 to Dec 2019
10:30 am
Linda Gallant
10:30 am Linda Gallant
Suitable for 1 yr - 4 yrs
$307.86 for 14 classes

11:30 am
Linda Gallant
11:30 am Linda Gallant
Suitable for 0 mons - 1 yr
$307.86 for 14 classes

The Centre for Spiritual Living Toronto Toronto East 1311 Queen St. E Toronto ON M4L 1C2

Entrance is located off of Laing St, down an alleyway. Look for the Rainbow Songs sidewalk sign.
Street parking is available.
Internal directions:
Enter through the alleyway entrance off of Laing Ave. The Rainbow Songs sidewalk sign will show you where to go! Please make sure to keep the door propped open on a doorstop behind you, when entering. (It tends to pull shut and lock.) Shoes and coats can be left in the reception area. Go upstairs to the classroom space.
Strollers can be left outside in the alleyway, or can be brought inside and left at the top of the stairs.