Rainbow Songs Stella Conway

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Now: Summer Jul 2024 to Sep 2024

Stella's teaching philosophy is that effectively communicating enthusiasm is the best way to inspire it in others. She is thrilled to have the chance to share her love of music with Rainbow Songs students.

Trained for 10 years in piano and theory at the Royal Conservatory of Music, with a background in choir, musical theatre, and improv, Stella is also self-taught in a variety of instruments, and is constantly seeking new ways to expand her musical vocabulary.  

After completing their Masters degree in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of Toronto in 2015, Stella has performed in musical ensembles across the city, and continues to work as a musical director, accompanist, and composer within Toronto's independent theatre scene.

As a member of the Rainbow Songs team, Stella is eager to facilitate learning, community, and joy through the love of music.

Photo of Stella Conway by Ian Lawrence